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Optional Equipment and Software

Optional Equipment and Software

AV2000™ Options

The AV2000™ system is offered as a basic unit as illustrated in our specification and data sheets. The following options can be added to the AV2000™ to meet the user specific needs or add capability to the system.

1- A 35 mm photography option: This allows the user to take still pictures (photos) through the microscope. This option includes a special 35 mm camera body with motorized film advance and rewind; auto and manual exposure; plus all the accessories required for the microscope mount. This option allows the user to:

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Include a photo of the tested concrete sample in the report
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Provide a permanent record of the test sample at the desired magnification

2- A video camera option: This option uses a super frame grabber to capture and display high quality video images using a 17" computer monitor (upgraded in the basic AV2000™ system). The user can toggle between the video image on the screen and the main program for the AV2000™. This option requires our special software design to allow for the interface between the frame grabber and the AV2000™ software program. This option allows the user to:

bluediam.gif (123 bytes) View the test area on the computer monitor during the test run
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Save an unlimited number of video image(s) of the test area into electronic record(s)
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Record the entire test on a video cassette using a Video Cassette Recorder
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Print the video image(s) using a digital color printer (photo quality)
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Demonstrate and train personnel on the air voids in concrete

The use of the video camera option allows the user to reduce or eliminate eye strain associated with extended microscope observation. The user can perform the entire testing (data collection) process through the monitor instead of the microscope.

Prices for the above options are based on the user's individual needs and the specifications. Please contact us to arrange for a customized option(s) of the AV2000™ system.