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Testing concrete in linear traverse

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AV 2000 Specifications

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Two microstepping motors and power supplies, with .00001 inch of motion per microstep

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Data acquisition board to interface motors and buttons to computer

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Controllable speed of travel,
dynamically variable during
data collection

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Support for scanning one or
both sides of a sample

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) High-speed travel option
through large aggregates

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Option to categorize air voids as entrained or entrapped air

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Dual gooseneck semi-flexible fiber optic light source


optional visuals

35mm camera, video or digital camera with a  T.V. monitoring system


fiber optic

light source


20 to 126x magnification,
high contrast, zoom range 6.3:1
90mm working distance
accepts a camera mount

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button pad

Eight user-configurable,
function buttons

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x-y stage

Eight inches of travel in both
directions, mounted on a
heavy duty base with
microscope support post

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personal computer

Pentium based computer,
keyboard and monitor

Optional Equipment and Software
Items may be purchsed separately

b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) A 35 mm camera for still photography, accessories for photos
b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Video camera mount and accessories for
viewing test area on a monitor
b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Software for analyzing a circular
test area
b1oblue.gif (834 bytes) Digital camera for viewing and saving images on CD.


  • Can perform analysis on a user- specified cross-section
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software with pull down menu interface to all options and functions
  • Generates client-ready report with detailed information
  • Industrial heavy-duty base and staging system for extra durability
The AV 2000 features a computer-
controlled X-Y staging system that helps
measure and analyze air void content,
specific surface, spacing factors and other
air void parameters in hardened concrete.
Measurement can be performed
according to any of the three methods
in ASTM C-457:
   Linear traverse
   Point count
   Modified point count

The AV 2000 provides an in-depth
analysis of the air void parameters beyond
ASTM requirements. It identifies air void
concentrations or the lack of uniform
distribution or air voids in the sample.
It can also perform air void analysis on
a user-specified section of the samples
or the test area.
A patented feature of AV 2000 provides
the analysis for both the linear traverse and
the modified point count methods by
measuring only one time according to the
linear traverse procedure.
An optional AV 2000 software program
can analyze a circular section area using
various traverse lengths distributed evenly
over the circular area.

A final. client-ready report is generated
with test results and analysis. This report
can list air voids according to their size


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